Truck Rental

Whether it’s thousands of litres of water, abrasive materials or large-scale rock, Heavy Metal Equipment trucks are high performing machines ready to haul for you.
Our trucks are designed for the roads less traveled and serve on oil and gas sites, construction sites, and rugged mining and forestry sectors.

Tandem Water Trucks

Tandem water trucks come in a variety of double-axled vehicles to carry and haul a large volume of weight. View our heavy equipment tandem water trucks.

Articulated Rock Trucks

Articulated Rock Trucks are powerful heavy equipment hauling trucks that play a vital role in earthmoving industries such as mining, oil and gas, forestry and construction. View our articulated rock trucks.

We do not have information about this product available at this time. Please contact us for more information.

Rigid Frame Haul Trucks

Rigid Frame Haul trucks are some of the most commanding heavy duty equipment units designed for hauling mass amounts of earthmoving materials in mining and oil and gas industries.

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